Friday, July 20, 2007

Pesky Lobbyists Back at it Again

Hello, my name is Fey and this is my personal blog for a college Texas government class I am currently taking. I want this blog to be geared more towards the financial aspects of Texas politics and government such as taxes, budgets, and government spending, which I feel is an integral part of politics. A little more about me is that I’m 21 years old, a senior UT Austin student, and I am originally from Houston. When I’m not studying for my summer classes, I am either working as a waiter or just relaxing at home. Some of my hobbies include riding my motorcycle, going to the gym, drinking, or just hanging out.

But enough about me, a more important issue was reported in The Dallas Morning News concerning possible corruption within the Texas government (a link to the article can be found below). Allegations were made by an anonymous government watchdog group that Texas lawmakers were allowing private companies, rather than local government health and human service agencies, to handle social service duties which benefited lobbyists financially “while hurting poor people and wasting tax dollars.” This is yet another one of many countless articles detailing the corruption, especially involving lobbyists, in our government that the public has sadly grown numb and/or accustomed to. What appalls me is that our government can waste and misuse millions of taxpayer dollars and that Americans seem to be no longer phased by it. It is simply reported in the papers for everyone to see and complain about, but ultimately forgotten as yesterday’s news. I urge anyone and everyone who is tired of government corruption to contact your local representative and express your concerns. Good night, and good luck.

For the complete Dallas Morning News article "Report: Privatizing good for lobbyists, bad for taxpayers" see:

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